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Plains Geometry: A Colorado Timber Home
A Colorado home mixes straight lines and curves to acheive a contemporary look.
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Lakeside Getaway: An Idaho Timber Home
An Alaskan couple builds their retreat in the lower 48 states to be near family and familiar Idaho scenery.
A Home for Generations: California Timber Home
This sturdy western California home's design provides ample space and interest for both adults and children to enjoy.
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Bridge to the Future: An Old-World Timber Home in Virginia
Hybrid technology guarantees this Virginia home is both naturally beautiful and energy efficient.
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Breaking New Ground: An Energy-Efficient Timber Home
The most attractive thing about this Michigan home isn't its good looks — it's its devotion to protect the land it lies on.
A Family-Friendly Retreat: A Reclaimed Timber Home in North Carolina
A Family-Friendly Retreat: A Reclaimed Timber Home in North Carolina
Two Florida attorneys create a getaway to share with others using reclaimed timbers from the survivor of a 1779 tragedy.
Timber Frame House Plans: 10 Steps to Perfection
How do timber-frame house plans come into being? A methodical approach works best. Follow our 10-step plan to get the perfect d...
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Cutting Costs in Home Building Budgets
Your home-building budget may have shrunk in the past 12 months. But you can still get the home you want while spending less.
6 Tips for Working with Contractors
Developing a positive relationship with your contractor is a key to keeping headaches to a minimum.
Functional Furnishings: Storage
One of the newest trends in storage is actually a throwback to previous storage solutions: furniture that doubles as an organizer.
Outdoor Design: Take It Outside the Home
How to create indoor comfort for outdoor rooms.
Reclaimed Timber Home in Wyoming Updates Tradition
A Reclaimed Timber Home in Wyoming Takes an Updated Approach to Tradition
Salvaged logs and reclaimed wood transport this Wyoming homestead back in time.
Living in a Panoramic View: South Carolina Log Home
A MossCreek home blends European elegance with Southern hospitality.
Ranch-style Home Transformed into Timber Classic
When it came time to transform an old ranch home into a comfortable retreat, the owners and builder turned to the philosophies ...
Redefining Rustic in an Idaho Timber Home
Take rough-hewn timbers, rugged stone and a backcountry setting, then add a dash of modern styling. That's the recipe for this ...
A Timber Frame Lakeside Log Cabin
A lakeside cabin with sunset views was a long-time dream of the home-owners of this timber frame lakeside log cabin.
Great Places to Live: Chattanooga, TN
Are you looking to find a new location to build your timber frame house? Check out what Chattanooga, TN has to offer.
Never Too Late | An English Cottage-Style Timber Home
Timbers frame a traditional East Coast home.