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Design a Small Timber Home Kitchen
Easy to clean, super efficient and cost saving — small kitchens are all that and more. Take this advice for trimming the kitchen fat while still cooking up a functional, fabulous heart for your timber home.
A Dream Timber Home in Montana
Despite a major setback, one Montana couple gets the opportunity to build their dream timber home — again.
The Beauty of Built-Ins in Timber Homes
When a home employs the open-format layout popular in many timber homes, it can be even more difficult to find places to stash belongings. Enter the concept of custom built-ins in timber homes.
8 Ways to Add Color to Your Timber Home
The perfect hue can bring out the best in any space. Add color to your timber home with eight strategies from the experts.
A Classic Timber Frame Home in Pennsylvania
The lure of wood drives one couple to build a classic timber frame home in central Pennsylvania.
Dream Destinations: Greene County, New York
Greene County, New York, is located in the Northern Catskills--making it the perfect place to build a remote mountain retreat.
Entertaining Design in Timber Homes
If you’re designing your home and planning to entertain, here are a few tips to make your abode as accommodating as possible.
SIPs vs. Stick-Built Construction
The main contributor to the exceptional efficiency of a timber home is the building envelope, starting with structural insulated panels (SIPs).
5 Tips For Choosing a Floor Plan
Learn the 5 most important tips for choosing, designing and financing a floor plan for your new timber home. See 10 top floor plans for inspiration.
Barn Inspired Timber Homes
The classic barn design is an inspiration for timber home architects everywhere, creating beautiful structural looks using this clean post and beam trend.
The Timber Home Building Process & Lessons Learned
Expert advice during the building process takes the Olsens’ timber-frame project from good to great.
Video: Differences between Architects and Designers
This free video will outline the major differences between architects and designers to help you determine which service is best for your home project.
Video: 5 Steps to Site Your Home
This free video demonstrates 5 easy steps to help you site your home and understand the impact your property has on your future floorplan.
Video: Three Benefits of Timber Framing
Discover the three benefits of timber framing in this informative segment.
Window Shopping
Our go-to guide for choosing the best windows for your timber home.
The Role of Timber Framing
Timber frame design choices play an integral part in the final look of a custom home. Here are a few tips to get you started.