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Where to Place Your Chimney
Where to Place Your Chimney
What are the pros and cons for an interior versus an exterior chimney? We’re working on a limited budget and need to build something that won’t break the bank either now with the construction costs or later on with the electric bills.
3 Tips for Lighting Your Vaulted Ceiling
Successful lighting design in a timber home with cathedral and vaulted ceilings soaring 20-plus feet into the air creates an ad...
A Damaged Horse Barn Gets a Timber Frame Makeover
After tragedy struck a local rescue's horse barn, Oak Bridge Timber Framing came in to save the day.
What You Need to Ask Your Timber Provider Before You Hire
What You Need to Ask Your Timber Provider Before You Hire
Jeff and Stephanie Bowes of Canadian Timberframes share three topics to address before choosing a timber provider.
What is a Party Barn?
A Rustic Barn for a Timber Home in the Finger Lakes
This rustic barn structure was built to include two separate living spaces: a large area with a bar for entertaining, and a sec...
How High to Hang a Light Fixture?
How High Should You Hang Light Fixtures in Timber Homes?
How high or low should you hang your lighting fixtures? Here are a few quick guidelines.
Lighting Definitions: Lighting Styles for Your Timber Frame
Lighting Definitions: Lighting Styles for Your Timber Frame
Confused about all of the different lighting options out there? Here’s a brief overview of different fixtures.
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How to Design a Timber Frame Exterior
The exterior of your timber frame is just as important as the inside.
exterior party barn
The Party Barn: How to Build the Ultimate Timber Frame Barn
A symbol of American tradition, backyard barns have become the place to be for good old-fashioned fun! Here’s what you need t...
We're Obsessed with this Salvaged Barn in Montana
We're Obsessed with this Salvaged Barn in Montana
Reclaiming Montana’s timber-lifestyle heritage, this home artfully uses salvaged materials, creating a brand-new house with a w...
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4 Types of Lighting Used in Homes
Light is light, right? Actually, no. A variety of light sources are needed for safety, livability and ambiance. It can help you...
Your Guide to Designing a Timber Frame Barn Home
Your Guide to Designing a Timber Frame Barn Home
Barn-style homes are having a big moment in the sun. Check out these tips and trends to help you achieve that look in your timb...
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This Barn-Style Timber Frame is an Entertainer's Dream
From modest beginnings, a barn-style timber retreat evolved into the neighborhood gathering place.
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Answers to Your Timber Frame Stain + Sealant Questions
Choosing timber-frame appropriate stains and sealants will ensure your home is as strong as it is stunning.
5 Fall Timber Home Maintenance Essentials
5 Fall Timber Home Maintenance Essentials
Seasonal maintenance is an important part of owning a timber home. Be ready for Fall by following these five tips.
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Are Geothermal Heat Systems Efficient?
Are geothermal heat systems really as efficient and cost effective as you think?
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6 Farm House Decor Items We Love
You don’t have to live in the country to reap the benefits of farm-inspired home decor. Whether you’re looking for one signatur...
5 Types of Trusses king post truss
The 5 Types of Trusses for Timber Frame Homes
In truss systems, engineering and art intersect, creating the open-concept designs that today’s buyers seek. But more important...
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How to Make a Little Kitchen Have a Big Impact
No matter your square footage, here are a few ideas for kitchen space savers.
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The Great Timber-Frame Adventure
A homeowner's tale of a house built in five phases by a couple who overcame their fear of doing it all themselves.