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The Grand Reveal: Our Welcome Home Series
Our “Welcome Home” series retreat is complete, ready to host friends and family and is much more than meets the eye.
5 Tips for Designing a Floor Plan That "Flows"
Expert tips for designing a gratifying timber home floor plan:
Humidity on Windows
Protecting Your Timber Home (Inside and Out!) From Humidity
Six tips to keeping your timber home nice and dry, no matter your climate
Peachey Hardwood Flooring’s Success Story at The Log & Timber Home Shows
The Log & Timber Home Show celebrates their 25th Anniversary in 2020. To join the celebration, we are sharing success stories t...
This Hybrid Home in Maryland is a Natural Beauty
A slew of organic materials combine with a healthy dose of imagination to create a unique heavy-timber hybrid home.
The Case for Designing a Custom Floor Plan
Before you set your sights on the stock-plan route too firmly, you may want to explore the benefits of drafting a timber home t...
Pivot Door in a Timber Home
How to Decide on a Front Door Design
Your front door is much more than a means of privacy and security; it sets the stage to your timber home’s design.
Metallic Decor for Statement-Making Timber Homes
When it comes to home decor, silver and gold are both winners.
Timber Framing in America 1620-2020
Join a structural engineer and a timber framer for a conversation about the evolution of the craft over 400 years. Tools, speci...
A Timber Home Fit for the Tennessee Hills
A home of stone and timber emerges from the Cumberland Plateau forest.
The Case for Dark Paint in Timber Homes
Afraid to paint it black? Whatever hue you choose, you may be surprised by the benefits of dark stains and paints in interior s...
"Wellness Architecture": The Latest in Sustainable Design
Wellness architecture, the newest facet of sustainable design, explores a truth that timber home enthusiasts have known for yea...
This Arts & Crafts-Inspired Kitchen Is Smart and Stylish
How much do we love this kitchen? Let us count the ways...
Leather Home Decor for Timber Homes
From classic browns to more vibrant hues, from the expected sofa to the surprising drawer pulls, the question is not whether to...
The 5 Hottest Architectural Styles for Timber Homes
A look at five of the hottest architectural styles in today’s timber homes and the vocabulary vital to communicating the type o...
A Traditional Timber Home Kitchen With an Industrial Twist
This kitchen has an undeniable zest for timber framing.
What Does "Half-Timbering" Mean?
A little background on what this architectural term means and where it comes from.