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Powder River Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
The Powder River by MossCreek is at home in any natural setting. The exterior is rich with natural materials such as stone and wood.
Pronghorn Lodge Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
Large stone pillars, and a heavy wood truss frame a protective entry. Log, wood, and stone combine to create an exterior that is as wild as it is beautiful.
Niblick Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
MossCreek has the perfect solution with out new collection of designs called Golf by MossCreek.
Little Blackfoot Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
The Little Blackfoot by MossCreek carries on the tradition of unique materials and color through stone, stain washed timber, and a galvanized metal roof.
Middleburg Camp Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
In the interior, the layout is a simple two bedroom cabin with an open Living / Kitchen / Dining Area; perfect for a weekend getaway or a guest house.
Getaway Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
Log, stone, timber, and glass elements in the home create a natural setting for the perfect “getaway.”
Elk Lodge Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
The Elk Lodge features Boston ridge vents, corbeled log brackets, tapered stone columns, and a stone watertable.
Elk View Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
A full veranda along the back completes the relaxed feel of this small cabin retreat.
Driver Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
The home is filled with elements of rustic elegance that have made MossCreek the leading name in Rustic American home design.
Camas Creek Cabin Floor Plan by MossCreek Designs
Cabin windows, canoe paddle accents, and an adirondack railing all work to give this home its mountain-nautical theme.
Deer Valley Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
The Deer Valley by MossCreek is comfortable among natural foliage and shrubs with its varied use of stone, wood, and glass on its exterior.
Blacktail Lodge Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
Blacktail Lodge by MossCreek blends into the natural surroundings while maintaining an element of suspense as it perches up to keep watch on the natural vistas in all directions.
Bobcat Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
Bobcat by MossCreek is a high-style home that settles into any natural environment.
Bitterroot Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
The Bitterroot is a true rustic American style home.
Beartooth Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
A sturdy exterior of stone and wood are ready to hold a harsh environment.
Birch Creek Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
The Birch Creek Camp by MossCreek captures the spirit of unique shape and color with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, including a master on the main level.
Great Plains Gambrel Floor Plan by Sand Creek Post & Beam
This plan represents a custom design of a Great Plains Gambrel style barn converted into a home.
Birchgrove Timber Home Plan
The Birchgrove design encompasses all the aesthetic beauty of timber frame construction with the extremely efficient functionality offered by modern home building. This floorplan was used as a guid...
Puyallup Lodge Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
The Puyallup Lodge design by Moss Creek is a great 2 story choice for families or anyone who wishes to entertain friends surrounded by elements of nature.
Badger Pass Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
The Badger Pass by MossCreek epitomizes this spirit of personal accomplishment.