Living Off Grid Floor Plan by TimberhArt Woodworks

Located off the power grid, this reclaimed vintage timber frame reflects the owner’s commitment to create an energy efficient, self-sustaining home, using wind and solar power. Its design and placement take advantage of the great views of the land and sea.

Plan Details

Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 2.5
Square Footage: 3000
Floors: 2

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A reclaimed timber frame creates new history with a small environmental footprint, all without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. Working with the site and client's lifestyle this design offers both gathering and private spaces, open concept living/kitchen space, tucked away bedrooms and cathedral ceiling with a loft. It invites you to experience the outdoors either from inside or on decks nestled against the house.

This 5 bedroom, 45' x 30' home gives new life to a vintage timber frame, creates new history, and has a small environmental footprint, all without sacrificing comfort, health or aesthetics.