True North Log Homes Inc.

True North Log Homes is the manufacturer of the best-engineered log homes in North America -- homes of exceptional quality, beauty and durability.

Company Details

Address: P.O. Box 21691730 Winhara Road
City: Braceridge
State: Ontario
Zipcode: P1L 1W1

True North Log Homes Inc.

True North Log Homes is the manufacturer of the best-engineered log homes in North America — homes of exceptional quality, beauty and durability. Located in Bracebridge, Ontario, deep in the heart of the ruggedly beautiful Muskoka region, True North Log Homes is a international company.

The True North Log Homes story is one of technical innovation, hard work, and a steadfast commitment to being the undisputed leader in the construction of high quality log homes. Whether it’s a rustic retreat or a distinctive family home, we know that you have a passion for the ambiance and lifestyle that can only be created with a True North Log home. We also know you are looking for the peace of mind that comes from owning a log home that truly meets the ultimate standard in technology and craftsmanship.

True North Log Homes Inc. has developed a uniquely engineered log wall system. The company has 18 patents in the United States and Canada (soon to be 24). True North’s patented Keylock system, pulls the log interfaces together ensuring the only 25 year Air infiltration warranty in the industry.

Logs come in the following sizes: 6-by-12-inch, 8-by-12-inch, 10-by-12-inch and 12-by-12-inch. True North Log Homes is the first log home company in the world to provide a factory-applied primer stain. True North applies the first coat of stain to the logs to protect against airborne fungus and mildew during onsite construction. Our SIX SEAL tongue-and-groove system ensures enhanced thermal performance and superior sealing between the joints of the walls. The absence of nails, screws or lag bolts in this joinery system is the key advantage of a True North Log Home. True North’s New LOG LOCK compression system applies 2,500 lbs. of constant pressure to the logs to eliminate log wall separation and we back it up with the only 25 year “ZERO” air infiltration warranty in the log home industry. Dealers are located throughout Canada, the United States and Europe and new dealer inquires are always welcome.

Log on to for:

Year founded: 1986

Number of homes produced to date: 2500+

Number of builders dealers and representatives: 50-99

Wood species:

  • Western red cedar
  • White pine

How logs are normally dried prior to shipment: Air dried 1-2 years

Average moisture content of logs upon shipment: 16 to 19%

Type(s) of wall logs you offer: Full or solid wall logs

Corner notches are: Totally pre-cut

Log lengths are: All pre-cut to required lengths

Available styles of wall log profiles: 7 different profiles available

Heights: 12"

Widths: 6", 8", 10", & 12"

Corner intersection details for available wall log styles:

  • Corner post butt (neither log extends past the intersection)
  • Dovetail
  • Saddle notch

Types of fastening devices: Log Lock, key lock, butt spline, & keyslide

Types of sealing systems & materials available:

  • 6 Seal System
  • Other
  • Spline

Types of building code compliances available: Our plans are certified to meet state/local building codes by a licensed engineer or architect.

Other available services:

  • We offer a construction manual and/or videotape to aid customers with erection of their home.
  • We offer a specific number of hours of on-site technical assistance.
  • We offer a written warranty on all our logs. (The only 25 year ZERO air infiltration warranty in the industry)
  • We offer custom design service.
  • We will provide shell erection service for our customers.