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Design Considerations for Your Custom Timber Home
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Log & Timber Home Show Summer Giveaway
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Notre Dame Timber Structure Fire
The Historic Timber Lost With the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire
Dating back to the 12th century, “The Forest” was one of the main losses in the tragic cathedral fire.
An Arkansas Timber Home Shared With Horses
Most equestrians have to trek out to the barn to saddle up for a ride, but this timber home owner doesn’t have to leave the house – he shares it with his horses.
A Georgia Hybrid Home Designed Around Family
Their kids may have flown the coop, but these empty nesters created a north Georgia house that keeps their family coming back for more.
A New Timber Home With the Look of a Historic Lodge
New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee has seen generations of family histories created along its shores. This timber-framed home adds an elegant chapter to that story.
Raising a Timber Frame
Preparing to Raise a Timber Frame
Preparing for the big day — your frame raising — requires a little homework on your part.
ABC's for Building a Timber Frame Home
Join this free, one-hour webinar, led by Timbercraft.
concrete prints
DIY Design: Concrete Imprints
Add your own fossil-like imprints to concrete to give your timber frame home an aged appearance.
how to decorate a fireplace mantel
How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel
The mantel is an underestimated fireplace feature that can set the tone in any living space. Here's how to decorate a fireplace mantel to work with the design in your timber home.