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Have questions about what goes into timber home construction? Need info on wood species, log profiles and corner styles? Looking for floor plan design tips and inspiration? The answers are at your fingertips.

Your Timber Home: A Custom Creation
If you want to build a truly one-of-a-kind dwelling, check out this free guide.
The Science of Enclosure Systems
The efficient and energy- minded design of a timber home starts with the enclosure system.
Readers' Choice Awards 2014 – Runners-Up
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2014 Readers' Choice Awards – Winners
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Industry Insider: Tedd Benson
One of the most celebrated homebuilders in America, Tedd Benson is a true champion of the traditional timber-frame home — with a modern twist.
Panel Discussion: The Truth About SIPs
How SIPS can save you energy, time and money.
Picking Your Property
Before you start designing and building your home, you'll need to pick your property. Here's what you need to know about buying land.
Timber-Frame Terminology
Here are some of the key terms used in timber-frame construction.
9 Fabulous Fireplaces
Your home's fireplacement is serious business. In this photo gallery we share 9 of the all-time best fireplaces to heat up any timber home.
Suite Dreams: Master Bedroom Design for Timber Homes
No longer just another bedroom, the perfect master suite is all about the details.
Outdoor Fire Pit Setup Done Right
Key considerations in designing the perfect fire-fueled al fresco arrangement.
Get Stoked: Freestanding Fireplaces
Bye-bye brick and stone. Freestanding hearth products are all the rage in timber home design.
Warming Trends: The Latest in Timber Home Hearths
A hearth expert shares his years of knowledge.
Green Design 10
Forget high-tech gadgetry or the latest green-washing trend. These basic design elements will prime any home for increased efficiency.
Island Fever: Kitchen Island Design Ideas and Photos
Kitchen islands are the most frequently requested kitchen-design element in homes. Check out this array of island design options.
Hit the Deck: 7 Factors for Successful Deck Design
From conception to construction, build a fantastic deck that’s functional, too.
Tip: Kitchens Without the Kitsch
Revive your kitchen's decor without reverting to cliché style choices.
Cooking Up a Good Kitchen Design
To get the most out of your timber-home kitchen, design it around your cooks.
3 Tips for Downsizing Your Home to Save Money
Good things come in small packages — even when it comes to your timber home. Check out these tips on how to downsize your home.
Feng Shui: Balanced, Peaceful Design
For a harmonious environment within your timber frame home, incorporate some of the following principles to enjoy the benefits of feng shui.