Green Timber Frame Building

With the popularity of sustainable building practices ever on the rise, it's important to consider this option for building your own dream home.

Reclaimed Wood in Timber Home Design
Vintage charm and one-of-a-kind character make reclaimed wood a winner with homeowners.
4 Steps for Buying or Building a Timber Home
Follow these fundamentals, and you’ll be on the road to timber home perfection. These steps will show you how to buy or start b...
Enclosing Time
Timber homes save you energy, time and money — from the outside in.
Choosing Windows For a Timber Home
Our go-to guide for choosing the best windows for your timber home.
Mountain Timber Home Showcases Energy-Efficiency Construction
Energy efficiency was the goal, but reclaimed materials and an eye for detail give this Montana mountain timber home a little f...
New England Timber Barn Awarded "Outstanding" Green Design
A New England timber barn wins big with its highly efficient pre-fab design.
Green Remodeling: Update Your Timber Home
Insider tips for mastering your green remodeling project.
Small, Green & Affordable: A Well-Designed Timber Home in Colorado
A timber framer builds his home on a tight budget, trading square footage for space and special touches in a few important places.
Point of Entry: Doors and Windows for Timber Homes
The right windows and doors will go a long way toward boosting your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.
Windows & Doors: Boosting Energy Efficiency
The right windows and doors will go a long way toward boosting your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.
A Guide to Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs
With legislation phasing out traditional incandescent light bulbs, it's time to brush up on your energy-efficient light bulb op...
5 Money-Saving Tips for Your Timber Home
Increase your new or existing home's energy efficiency with these 5 money-saving tips!
15 Tips to Plan Your Energy-Efficient Home
Planning energy efficiency before a home is built eases the amount of retrofitting that will have to be done later. Consider th...
Building With Energy-Efficient Products
Achieve your "green" house goals with the most energy-efficient products and building materials.
5 Eco-Friendly Design Tips
Want a home that's good for your budget and good for the planet? Then read on for our top 5 tips for eco-friendly designs.
SIPs vs. Stick-Built Construction
The main contributor to the exceptional efficiency of a timber home is the building envelope, starting with structural insulated panels (SIPs).
Window Shopping
Our go-to guide for choosing the best windows for your timber home.
The Science of Enclosure Systems
The efficient and energy- minded design of a timber home starts with the enclosure system.
Industry Insider: Tedd Benson
One of the most celebrated homebuilders in America, Tedd Benson is a true champion of the traditional timber-frame home — with a modern twist.
Panel Discussion: The Truth About SIPs
How SIPS can save you energy, time and money.