Fireplace & Hearth Designs

Whether it's cozy and understated or large and dramatic, the hearth is the focal point of most timber home great rooms. Here you'll find our best advice for fireplaces and hearth designs, including freestanding fireplaces, fireplace frames and surrounds, materials, mantel decorations and more.

How to Decide Where to Put Your Timber Home's Chimney
A reader writes in wondering where to put a chimney to get the most bang for their buck...
Rustic Mantel in Timber Frame Living Room
3 Ways to Achieve a Magnificent Mantel
The mantel is the perfect place to showcase your style and make a statement.
how to decorate a fireplace mantel
How to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel
The mantel is an underestimated fireplace feature that can set the tone in any living space. Here's how to decorate a fireplace...
Why a Wood-Burning Fireplace is Worth the Investment
Why a Wood-Burning Fireplace is Worth the Investment
It's time to rekindle your romance with an old flame: the wood-burning fireplace.
Stone Fireplaces For Timber Homes
A natural choice for wood houses, stone fireplaces look right at home in a timber frame.
timber home fireplace
9 Fabulous Fireplaces
Your home's fireplacement is serious business. In this photo gallery we share 9 of the all-time best fireplaces to heat up any ...
5 Great Fireplace and Hearth Designs
From rustic wooden mantels to towering stone hearths, today's post-and-beam homeowners have lots of fireplace design options. C...
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Get Stoked: Freestanding Fireplaces
Bye-bye brick and stone. Freestanding hearth products are all the rage in timber home design.
Great Room With Fireplace and Warm Details
2019 Guide to Fireplace, Stove & Mantel Companies
Log Home Living & Timber Home Living’s 2019 guide to manufacturers specializing in fireplace design, fireplace inserts, wood st...