Exterior Timber Frame Design Ideas

Find the best timber frame exterior design ideas that feature special materials, landscaping design and other exterior designs.

Timber-Frame Gazebo Inspiration
Timber-Frame Gazebo Inspiration
A well-designed timber-frame gazebo provides a flexible outdoor living space perfect for a range of gatherings.
Where to Place Your Chimney
Where to Place Your Chimney
What are the pros and cons for an interior versus an exterior chimney? We’re working on a limited budget and need to build some...
How to Design a Functional Outdoor Area
How to Design a Functional Outdoor Area
Just a few extra elements will turn an ordinary patch of grass into a relaxing backyard retreat and outdoor area.
How to Add Groundcover to Your Log Home Yard
The 3 Key Components of Yard Design
A well-designed yard is broken up into three areas. Here's what they are and how best to use them.
How to Develop a Landscape Plan
How to Develop a Landscape Plan
To make the best use of your timber home's property, start with our easy 3-step process.
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What Window Treatments to Apply to Large Timber Frame Windows
Have huge windows in your great room? Here's what window treatments to use for your large timber frame windows.
Purple Coneflower, Retirement Tips
How to Build Your Timber House for Vacation + Retirement
You'll want to think about how you'll maintain your timber home for vacation and retirement as you age.
Modern Timber Porch
3 Ways to Style a Classic Timber Home Porch
3 ways to make the most of a classic timber home porch space
Timber Framing 101: What is a Timber Frame House?
Here's your crash course in timber framing. We cover everything you need to know about how modern design meets traditional craf...
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7 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Tips
Love the look of a well-maintained yard but hate all the work that it requires? Here are some low-maintenance landscaping tips!
The Benefits of a Smaller Timber Home
Downsizing your home may be the ultimate luxury. There are many benefits to building and living in a smaller timber home.
Reclaimed Wood in Timber Home Design
Vintage charm and one-of-a-kind character make reclaimed wood a winner with homeowners.
Barn Home Style
This short Q&A with top timber frame experts explains why the charming and classic barn style home is now more popular and mode...
Post and Beam Homes 10
Understanding the basics of post and beam construction.
Building Tips & Costs For Your Timber Home
Found here: expert advice on building tips & costs per square foot & deck maintenance.
Farmhouse Style
Vintage appeal meets modern design in a home style that has stood the test of time.
Wide Open Spaces
With stunning views and plenty of privacy, this barn-style home defines American beauty.
A Healthy Timber Frame Farmhouse
An eco-responsible Virginia timber frame home that’s good for the mind, body and soul.