Creating a Country Kitchen

Tips for creating the ultimate country kitchen for your timber-frame home.

Tips for creating the ultimate country kitchen for your timber-frame home.


If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the heart of a country kitchen lies in emphasizing that fact through the creation of a cozy, inviting space where anyone feels welcome. You don’t have to overload the space with kitschy heirlooms, though, to set the right tone; a few select details can do wonders for your kitchen’s ambience. Use the tips provided by this example to help you map out your ideal bucolic cooking quarters:

  • Country kitchens thrive on eclectic mash-ups, which this kitchen achieves with its by incorporating a furniture-based kitchen island and bar stools that complement the style of the main cabinetry. Country kitchen staples, such as a farmhouse sink and loose checkerboard theme in the island top and countertop backsplash, solidify the quaintness of the space.
  • An open floor plan creates a more inviting layout, so why should open decor elements be any different? Glass-front cabinets serve equally as storage and display, both inside and out, while the island base lies open to offer showcase opportunities and visually connect the kitchen with the adjacent rooms.
  • A collection of patterns is not uncommon in a quaint country kitchen; however, the underlying color palettes should still complement each other to help tie the look together. A tried-and-true scheme of black and white with red accents blends nicely with the warm wood tones in the flooring, ceiling and trim, with added texture in the wall treatment to the tie the whole look together.