6 Timber Home Kitchens

Who's hungry? Here's a taste of some beautiful timber home kitchens.

Who's hungry? Here's a taste of some beautiful timber home kitchens -- click the images below for a tour of the rest of each house!


1. Change of Pace

After spending their entire lives in the suburbs of northern California, Jim and Kathy Polizzi were ready for a change. When their oldest son relocated to Colorado, the couple started to think about heading to the mountains themselves. The primary living area — great room, kitchen, master suite — is located on the main level. Pristine

2. Pristine Purchase

If the mere thought of planning and building a custom timber home from scratch leaves you feeling stressed, take heart — there is another way you can get your dream retreat. The secret? Buy an existing timber home. This Montana couple opted to buy an existing timber home in lieu of building one on their own. See this timber home kitchen and the rest of the beautiful home by clicking the photo! Majesty

3. Mountain Majesty

When you come across a setting as spectacular as this gorgeous mountain-view lot in Big Sky, Montana, you know right away that it’s a keeper. Set against the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park, the property affords breathtaking views of rugged peaks and world-class ski trails, creating the ultimate year-round retreat. LongDistance

4. Long Distance Love

Sitting on 10 acres, the 6,000-square-foot house is located in the Rock Creek Cattle Company development, and the couple has easy access to all the activities they enjoy. It’s a mix of clean lines and rustic materials -- the best example is the kitchen. lakeside

5. Lakeside in the High Country

A beautiful waterfront setting serves as the backdrop for this Montana hybrid home, but on the inside, the great room, kitchen and master suite on the upper level. A door from the kitchen leads to an outdoor deck with its own fireplace and grill area. “The relationship to the kitchen is key."  Interiors-5

6. Healthy Farmhouse

This eco-responsible Virginia home is good for the mind, body and soul. This owner loves Virginia’s old farmhouses — their bucolic setting and vernacular style — but when she started looking to purchase one just outside of Richmond, she quickly became discouraged. Instead of buying an old house, she decided to build new.